Symptoms of ADD in Children
  1. Difficulty keeping attention on work or play activities at school and at home.
  2. Losing or forgetting things like toys, pencils, books or tools needed for a task.
  3. Avoids or dislike activities that require sitting still or a sustained effort.
  4. Seems disorganized and doesn’t pay close attention to details.
  5. Has trouble with tasks that require planning ahead.
  6. Forgets things and is easily distracted.
  7. Does not follow directions or finish tasks, often skipping from one uncompleted activity to another.
  8. Does not appear to be listening when someone is speaking.
  9. Does not pay attention and makes careless mistakes.
  10. Is forgetful about daily activities.
  11. Has a tendency to daydream.
  12. Becomes easily distracted by irrelevant sights and sounds.
  13. Rarely follows instructions carefully and completely.
  14. Throws temper tantrums.


Treatment Cure for ADD Adults

There is no cure for ADD. Many of treatment can help to reduce the symptoms. The most popular alternative treatment is the tole neuro acupuncture and herbal treatment. The Tole Neuro acupuncture can help your brain cell to regenerate again and flow the energy inside the brain. When the energy flow your brain cell will active and become normal.

The Tole Herbal Treatment for ADD adults can help to balance the energy inside the kidney. Chinese Master has an effective and special herbal formula for ADD adults. You can also request The Tole Brain Powder from Chinese Master. It is the same formula but some of the people may be feel lazy or no time to decoct the medicine, so Chinese Master gave an option to ADD patient.

The Tole Diet treatment also provided to ADD adults. ADD patient should avoid some food, so the symptoms can be reduce. Diet can also short the result of treatment.


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